Big News for September!

September was another ripper month with a stack of new plans coming through. In this month’s big news I’m going to focus on some of the exciting new plans!

Discordia Zine – Make A Place For Women Online.

Discordia Zine is an online space for women - the women the mainstream media usually ignores! We want a place for women who do things differently can come together and read articles relevant to their lives, meet women who celebrate diversity and enjoy being ourselves. Unique, special, creative, intelligent and compassionate women! 

Respice, Adspice, Prospice - Port Douglas

Josie Sutton is trying to rekindle Port Douglas’ once booming tourism sector.

The plan is simply to design a page that will appeal to, and gain followers from each of our 3 categories of important people: The travellers and locals of the past, the current population, and the potential traveller, in order to gain knowledge and insight into the Port Douglas of the past, the present and the future.” – Josie.


Tom LeGrice’s start-up is called PetHomeStay, a peer-to-peer marketplace for pet owners to find trusted local pet boarding, pet sitting and pet services. People register their home or business offering the service and people can browse to see what suits them.

The site is live right now at

Heath Penbrook.

PlanBig Community Manager.


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